Top 5 Not Well-Known Singer That You Should Listen

If you’re one of the artists below, sorry for representing you as not well-known singer. But, hey i know you, you good (thumbs up). Starting the list with my favourite singer.

1. Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker)

He is actually well-known singer, songwriter but not in my country. Nick Murphy, better known by his former name Chet Faker is australian.On 8th September, Bearded aussie man announced this on Twitter . “It’s been half a decade since I started releasing music as Chet Faker and all of you have been the driving force behind the music since. There’s an evolution happening and I wanted to let you know where its going. The next record will be under my own name, Nick Murphy. Chet Faker will always be a part of the music. This is next”.

Here is some of his work.

2.Whilk and Misky


They said “we’re a duo living in london. whilk produces and misky does the vocals. together we co-write the songs. live vibes coming soon. just keep smiling.” They’ve been in Turkey couple times. Clap your hands,  Darklands are one their best songs. But for me, the best one is Babe I’m yours.

Oh she’s my rain in the desert
She’s my sun in the storm
She’s my food when I’m hungry
She’s my rose amongst the thorns
She’s my glue when I’m broken
She’s my warmth when I’m cold
She’s my breath when I’m choking
She’s my bio when I’m soaked

3.Vallis Alps


Vallis Alps is Seatlle originated band. David Ansari and Parissa Tosif, the australian duo have a latest song “Fading.”  The newcomers explore a shadowy soundscape on their songs with sleamlessly blending acoustic guitar, chimes and the odd piano key with drowsy synths.



Paul Van Haver , better known by his stage name Stromae is a Belgian musician, singer, songwriter. His father, a successful Rwandan architect, was killed during Rwandan Genocide. His mother raised him and his four siblings in Brussels, and later in a nearby suburb.
In his song Papaoutai, he expresses his feelings about his father by saying Where are you, father?. His greatest hit was Formidable‘s amateur-looking videos appeared on showing Stromae, apparently drunk at the tram station in Brussels at dawn. It went viral.




5.Milky Chance


Milky Chance is a German folk group originating from Kassel. It currently consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, DJ and producer Philipp Dausch, and guitarist Antonio Greger.


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